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The Center, located in the beautiful community of Bayview on the southern edge of Lake Pend Orielle, was completed in 1995 by the local residents and is the heart of the community. It hosts the meetings of all local groups as well as many free events open to the public. The Center is perfect venue for weddings and other events and is available to rent.

It has two multi-purpose rooms. The larger room is on the main level and has an adjoining food preparation area, restrooms and an A/V system. It can seat 85 with tables and chairs. The lower level room is smaller, seating approximately 36 with tables and chairs, and has restrooms as well. Both the upper and lower levels are equipped with tables and chairs, which can be easily arranged in accordance with the demands of the event. The lower level multi-purpose room also houses a small library of books for the use of our local residents.

In addition to the building proper, the Center boasts beautiful seasonal gardens which have been the scene of many outdoor celebrations. Ample parking is available on both levels.
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